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 UNTITLED exists to give readers fair and honest news, reviews and opinions.

At its heart, UNTITLED operates on three clear principles:

1) Honesty: There's no point in fabricating an opinion because someone's told you to think that way. UNTITLED never operates on that principle. We never accept any money or incentives to review a product in a biased manner.

2) Clarity: If something sounds too good to be true, then chances are it is. Everything written for UNTITLED undergoes several proofs to make sure that it sounds clear & understandable. 

3) Enthusiasm: There's no point in writing on a subject that you aren't passionate about. Subjects covered in UNTITLED articles are there because we hope readers find them interesting or thought-provoking.

UNTITLED Reviews Channel Guidelines

The UNTITLED Reviews YouTube channel operates on the same guidelines as the website itself does, but there are also certain principles it adheres to:

1) We never ever accept money or other incentives to review products in a biased fashion. Editorial independence is vital for gaining trust.

2) All reviews posted are honest & fair opinions backed by fact. If you do happen to see any glaring errors, drop them in the Comments section below & they'll be clarified.

3) We may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase any products featured on the channel from the Amazon links in the description. We aren't endorsed by Amazon at all. 


4) If you do want something reviewed, get in touch via the Contact Us page here or through social media or the business enquiries email that can be found on the YouTube channel page itself: