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Premier League 2019/20 Kits Ranked! Every New Strip Listed & Rated

(Picture Credit - The Telegraph)

It's that time of year again. Club football returns after a long and deserved summer break. The first weekend of the Premier League brought its usual twists and turns with thrashings of both new managers and newly-promoted sides, with commiserations to both Norwich City and Frank Lampard most notably.

With every new season comes a new bunch of shirts that your favourite teams will don week-in-week-out in front of paying crowds and on Sky Sports or BT Sport. In here, we've taken the time out to painstakingly rank the entire set of new strips this new Premier League season has offered us. Prepare for disappointment.

40. Manchester United Away

(Picture Credit - 90Min)

With its semi-snakeskin design, the new Manchester United away shirt surely turns heads, but turns them away to find a better away strip. Its ghastly colours don't exactly help and what's more, despite its apparent subtlety, it's one of the most bland away kits we've ever seen. Indeed, with United in sheer turmoil, this shirt fits nicely as a distasteful mess.

39. Spurs Home

(Picture Credit - Hypebeast)

Continuing down the road of blandness, we find one of Nike's most lazy jobs in a long time. This Spurs home shirt leaves an awful lot to be desired, especially with its minimalist colour scheme. Moreover, Harry Kane doesn't look the happiest to be wearing it. Nike, take a hike and design something better.

38. Sheffield United Home

(Picture Credit - SoccerBible)

Moving up a place, we find Sheffield United's home shirt for the 2019/20 season. It's typical Adidas really, with little effort to make it distinguishable from old Sunderland shirts. Sure, the white accents on the sleeves are pleasant, but the rest of it just makes it boring.

37. Watford Away

(Picture Credit - FootballShirtCulture)

Number 37 brings us to Watford's dark blue away shirt. Its colours are somewhat unremarkable and not that striking and its Tifo 19 template, courtesy of Adidas, just acts as another exhibition of laziness. Overall, it's a pretty bland away kit and rather unimpressive.

36. Watford Home

(Picture Credit - Harrow Times)

Sorry Watford fans, it's unfortunate that both your kits end up in the bottom quarter of this rundown, but it only narrowly beats your away shirt. Sure, the half-and-half design is pleasant, especially the fact that it extends to the sponsor as well, but it's a little lacking compared to some of their previous offering thanks to both Adidas and Puma.

35. Burnley Home

(Picture Credit - Burnley FC Official)

No. 35 gives us Burnley's rather clean looking home shirt for the new season. The collar looks a little strange but on the whole, their home kit is okay and it's simpler than what old manufacturers Puma would have conjured up.

34. Manchester United Home

(Picture Credit - SoccerBible)

Much like their away efforts, Manchester United's home shirt is uninspiring. When compared to some of Adidas' previous kits when working with the Red Devils, the 2019/20 iteration falls short, even compared to last season's. Its only redeeming feature is the little gold accent on the crest.

33. Newcastle United Home

(Picture Credit - Radio Times)

At number 33, we find Newcastle's new home shirt, courtesy of Puma. Featuring a central logo and crest, it harks back to football kits of the early 2000s and earlier, apparently mimicking the Newcastle shirt that won the Magpies the 1969 Fairs Cup. In all due seriousness, the two shirts are worlds apart and this modern remake leaves a poor aftertaste.

32. Wolves Home

(Picture Credit - The Kitman)

Look! Another low-ranked Adidas kit! Wolves' new home shirt for the current season is a direct template of Watford's away shirt only a few places lower. What really makes this shirt unappealing is the logo of ManBetX, Wolves' current sponsor. It adorns the shirt like some poorly-done graffiti on a London wall. The only thing that places this higher than Watford is the distinctive orange of Wolves.

31. Sheffield United Away

(Picture Credit - Sheffield United Official Twitter)

Another Adidas Tifo 19 template for Sheffield United, equating to yet more laziness on Adidas' part and the plain white base, whilst simple, is nothing special. Its only redeeming feature is the red shorts and embroidered Adidas logo.

30. Norwich City Home

(Picture Credit - Eastern Daily Press)

At number 30 on our rundown, we find the first gradient kit. Norwich's home shirt is eye-catching and a different take on a home shirt that is anything but bland (we're looking at you Manchester United). What's holding this shirt back is the odd sleeve sponsor and the blandness of the shorts.

29. Brighton Away

(Picture Credit - FootballShirtCulture)

Nike have been there and done that with black shirts, especially with their current template. Frankfurt's kit last year looks the exact same as this, just with a different team sporting the shirt. The only reason that this kit is this high up is because of some of the other abominations from other clubs, plus a black shirt's simple nature.

28. Leicester City Away

(Picture Credit - SoccerBible)

The spectacle of a pink shirt returns to the Premier League for the 2019/20 season and this time around, it's the turn of 2016 champions Leicester City. The lighter pink looks lovely, admittedly, but there's a glaringly obvious comparison to be made that limits the place of this strip. If you take a look back at the Germany shirt from the last World Cup, it's the exact same. What makes things worse is that you can buy the exact shirt above without Leicester crest or sponsors on its own, in the exact same colour. Baffling.

27. Liverpool Away

(Picture Credit - SoccerBible)

New Balance return with Liverpool's away kit at number 27. Its stripes are subtle and nicely executed and the red accents on the sleeves look pleasant, but as a shirt overall, it leaves a lot to be desired and those dark blue shorts look more like training wear than an actual kit. I can't see many people flocking to buy those any time soon.

26. Bournemouth Home

(Picture Credit - Football Kit News)

Number 26 brings us another Umbro effort. The new Bournemouth home shirt is simple and looks great. Those red and black stripes look clean and if you look closely, you'll notice small sections of diagonal stripes across the face of the shirt. That being said, no pattern on the sleeves may only look like a small issue, but in a way, it seems like Umbro haven't bothered with it, which is a shame.

25. Spurs Away

(Picture Credit - Evening Standard)

Admittedly, the new Spurs away shirt is miles better than their home shirt, featuring an inkling of pattern. The top fifth looks nice with diagonal stripes but it's only on that part of the shirt. Otherwise, it's one block colour and nothing to write home about, apart from a middle of the road shirt. Eric Dier looks especially depressed.

24. Manchester City Home

(Picture Credit - Evening Standard)

Puma's first home shirt with reigning champions Manchester City gives us a clean and simple look, unwittingly modelled by Brazilian forward Gabriel Jesus. The subtle pattern of lines across the shirt look pleasant enough and the purple lettering complements the sky blue nicely. That being said, it's a basic design, even for Puma, who have a recent history of some striking templates, unlike their competitors. The Man City home shirt isn't going to set the world alight, but it doesn't look all too bad.

23. Newcastle United Away

(Picture Credit - Talksport)

A somewhat distinctive Newcastle away kit greets us at number 23. Its dark green colours may be a strategic ploy when playing on dodgy pitches in the FA Cup Third Round against some lowly opposition. Otherwise, it's a good effort from the boys at Puma and a decent looking shirt.

22. Southampton Home