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  • Writer's pictureReece Bithrey

Welcome To Your New UNTITLED.

Well, things look a little bit different around here, don’t they? That’s right - UNTITLED has had its biggest refit since I started the site back at the start of 2019. The old site design felt a little antiquated and dark, so I’ve had a bit of a freshen-up, with a new colour scheme, logo and the like.

With it also comes a bit of a new direction - I’m doing away with all the old flowery stuff and copy that was on the site’s pages before. From this point on, the focus of the site’s content becomes news and reviews on everything from watches to speakers, and everything in between. There will also be opinion pieces written by myself around these subject areas. Alongside this will also be the returning music columns amongst everything else.

From this point on, there will also hopefully be a lot more new content going out on the site as and when I get time. Now this whole university thing is out of the way, it provides more time for me to sit down and write some stuff.

Also, if you’re reading this and you fancy having a stab at writing something yourself, then drop me a line via the Contact Us page, and I’ll be happy to chat.

From this point on, it’s an all-new era for UNTITLED.

Onwards and upwards!


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