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Contour Design ShuttleXpress Review

Despite its lower cost, does the ShuttleXpress still pack a punch for all your editing needs?

Key Specs:

  • Retail Price: £39.99 - Purchase Here!

  • 5 Programmable Buttons

  • Fully Customisable

  • Jog/Shuttle Wheel For Precise Movement


What Is The Contour Design ShuttleXpress?

(Picture Credit - My Own)

The Contour Design ShuttleXpress is the smaller and less expensive brother of the ShuttlePro V2 editing tool from Contour Design that we featured on this website a couple of months ago.

At an RRP of £39.99, it's certainly affordable and is designed to be used by editors on the go who don't wish to lug around a larger peripheral, as well as those on a budget and just starting out in the profession.


Contour Design ShuttleXpress - Design & Build Quality

(Picture Credit - My Own)

One of the majorly noticeable things about the ShuttleXpress is its rather small form factor. It's been designed with both productivity and comfort in mind and does a factor job of appealing to both parts.

With its indented buttons, the ShuttleXpress feels extra comfortable to use, and its compact design also means that you're able to use it on a small desk with a full-size keyboard and mouse with no issues, unlike the ShuttlePro V2.

It's made of hard plastics, which is no bad thing, as it truly demonstrates the ShuttleXpress' fantastic build quality. Moreover, despite the lower price, it certainly still feels like a premium product.

Like the ShuttleXpress' more expensive brother, it features two jog wheels, one with infinite scrolling ability and one which is rubberised that will only turn a certain amount. They're both plastic here, unlike the metal found on the ShuttlePro V2, but that doesn't it any less nice to look at.


Contour Design ShuttleXpress - Performance In Everyday Usage

(Picture Credit - My Own)

There's no doubts that the ShuttleXpress lives up to its name of 'Xpress'. It's certainly a product that's simple to use and if you haven't used one before, rather easy to get used to.

The ShuttleXpress was primarily used for video and audio editing, working brilliantly in programs that we use for such things. The five programmable buttons work absolutely perfectly with some great tactile feedback that makes a change from some of the rubberised buttons I've used in the past.

Furthermore, both jog wheels were excellent with perfect accuracy. In editing videos and scrubbing audio, we were able to pinpoint exact points to cut, fade in or fade out. Jog wheels in general offer a lot more accuracy than a mouse, allowing for analog inputs that can't be matched by much else at this price point.


Contour Design ShuttleXpress - Programmable Buttons

(Picture Credit - My Own)

Again, much like its more expensive brother, the ShuttleXpress utilises some of Contour's installable software that can be downloaded from this link: It's worth noting that you require the software before you can use the product. Despite this rather small barrier, it's a rather painless install with a small ZIP file.

The associated software is one of the simplest pieces I've ever used and features some of the most convenient remapping out there. There's profiles from all manner of programs, such as Audacity and iMovie, right up to DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro X. All of this certainly makes the ShuttleXpress an insanely versatile piece of kit.


So, Is The Contour Design ShuttleXpress Worth My Money?

Almost certainly. The ShuttleXpress is absolutely fantastic if you're an editor on the go and someone who needs something that little bit smaller to fit into your bag. It's also rather good due to the accessible price, making it perfect for anyone that's just starting to edit and wants a gateway into this side of the peripherals market.


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