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EasySMX V07W Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Key Specs:

  • Retail Price: £59.99 - Purchase Here!

  • Plug and play 2.4GHz wireless connection

  • 40mm high-fidelity drivers

  • Detachable and retractable microphone

The market of budget gaming headsets is one that has been growing for many years and as usually been marked by cut-price variants of more expensive headsets. Think Razer's Kraken X Lite for instance.

However, just because you haven't got hundreds to spend doesn't mean that you should have to skimp out on features. That's certainly the view of EasySMX, the manufacturer behind their V07W headset that allows gamers to get RGB, surround sound and a wireless headset for the princely sum of £60 or so.

Design - All the usual budget gaming tropes

The V07W feels relatively well made, being comprised of some hard plastics with some grooved earcups and a mixture of matte and glossed finishes. It's got the typical headset design tropes that gamers should love.

With that being said, whilst its construction is solid, there's a distinct lack of padding in comparison to its big name competition from the likes of Razer and HyperX. This in turn causes the V07W to feel noticeably loose when sitting on my head, and could cause it to move around more than some may like over a prolonged period of time. It might've been nice to see some interchangeable earcups with more voluminous levels of padding to make them more comfortable.

Onboard media controls are nicely plentiful, with the V07W featuring a cheaper-feeling grooved volume wheel, power button, mic mute switch and LED-enabling button. They're relatively easy to access, but do be wary that all the buttons do feel the same, so if you're not au-fait with placement, you might mute your mic at the wrong time.

EasySMX have opted to go for a detachable microphone that feels as well made as the headset does, as well as bundling a 3.5mm cable in the box for wired connectivity, the wireless receiver and charging cable.

Performance - Pleasantly surprising yet bassy sound

As much as the V07Ws might be cut-price for a set of wireless headphones, the audio quality that comes from the cans isn't half decent. They've got a defined focus on bass thanks to their 40mm drivers which can be a little overwhelming at times in comparison to the highs, but provide a neat sound overall.

EasySMX say there's surround sound built in to these, but arguably this is expected given there's two separate headphones anyway. Regardless, these provide an okay soundstage with some of the little details of each song or CS:GO round lost in the bass of the V07Ws.

Given their rather loose fit, the passive noise isolation of the V07W isn't the best, but is passable for when you need to hear your teammates more than the outside world. It's the same story for the microphone too; don't expect too much out of it, as it isn't going to set the world alight, but if you are talking to your mates on Discord, then it should function okay.

Being wireless means that battery life of the V07W is integral and I'm happy to say that the capacity for these cans is pretty good. Its 800mAh capacity equates to around eight hours of playback time which falls some way short of the big-name competition, and the two hour charge time to full capacity is okay, but nothing too special.

Compatibility for multiple devices with this headset shouldn't be an issue, given the bundle of both a wireless receiver and a detachable 3.5mm cable that ensures it works with basically any device. Bluetooth might've been nice, though, in addition.

Lighting - Minimalistic yet decent

The V07W isn't short on RGB lighting in either its wired or wireless configuration with two wheels on each of the earcups. It's nicely bright and sharp, which makes a real change from other parts of the headset's body, and cycles through colours at a rather quick pace.

Besides that, there's little to say here as in all my searching, I can't find any additional software for V07W which means it's let down in part by the fact there's no customisation on the part of surround sound or EQ presets that have become a staple for other, more premium brands' offerings.


If you're a gamer on a budget who wants punchy, bass-driven audio with a decent soundstage that comes wrapped up in a relatively sturdy plastic shell that's also wireless, then you're in luck with this EasySMX offering. For the money, it's hard to argue with what you're getting.

However, if you're wanting something from a big name with better passive noise isolation, a tighter fit and additional software to further make a headset your own, you're betting off looking elsewhere.

Rating: 3.5/5


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